Align and integrate your business and leadership .  Help your business become  more effective whilst simultaneously growing your leadership capability.

The Challenge

  • Many organisations are so busy working to achieve results that they forget to step back and check what they are focusing their efforts on
  • Not enough leaders take time out to refocus on where they are going, how they will get there and what they need to do to ensure their people are following them
  • In many organisations, the needs of the business and the needs of the people are not aligned and integrated.

In our busy world it’s easy to let the ‘business as usual’ activities take over but to be an effective leader it is critical to make time to review the business from a broader perspective.

How we can help

We bridge the gap between business skills and leadership capability.  We can help your organisation become more effective whilst simultaneously growing your leadership capability. We structure a process where we work with you on your strategy or a BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT issue whilst also helping your leaders develop as individuals and as a leadership team. We make sure there is a clear action plan for the business, individual and team development.

We provide consultancy to help you define your most important business issue and can also provide ongoing support, if required.

A Typical Leadership Capability Programme

There is no typical programme as every intervention is tailored but there will usually be business discussions, lively exercises that are pertinent to the business issue being discussed, review sessions, individual development feedback and action planning.

Recent examples include:

  1. working with business unit directors to define their strategy and business plan
  2. working with a management team to identify product and service innovations
  3. working with a senior management team to define their strategy

In addition we provide a range of more structured leadership programmes including:

  • Leadership Masterclasses
  • Strategic Thinking Worshops
  • Successful Business Planning Workshops
  • Business Simulations

If you want to improve any aspect of your business whilst simultaneously growing your leadership capability then get in touch to find out how we can help.