Business Partnering

Developing the skills of your people to enable them to facilitate change, develop credibility and manage successful business partnerships both internally and externally.

The Challenge

  • Organisations are increasingly dependent on their ability to be flexible and form internal and external partnerships in order to build their business and get the most out of their resources.
  • Organisations may be technically strong but may lack the skills to be able to work collaboratively, and to facilitate collaborative working in others.
  • Collaborative solutions in partnerships rely on goodwill on both sides that is easy to erode and hard to repair

How We Can Help

We can work with you to build the capability and confidence of key people within the business to establish and facilitate partnerships. These skills may include stakeholder involvement, influencing skills, analysing problems and needs, as well as defining and designing solutions. We can design development workshops that are geared to the level of seniority and experience of the audience and give them opportunities to practise on case study situations drawn from your own business. We can encourage the use of alternative ways of thinking within the business which make it easier for staff to talk to each other about their requirements and feel comfortable digging beneath the surface of issues to find sustainable solutions. We can also work with you to launch partnerships effectively and troubleshoot teething problems in a way that enables people to take ownership and devise solutions to operational challenges.

A Typical Business Partnering Programme

Although all of our courses and interventions are tailored to your own business and organisational context it may be helpful to get a sense of the typical  areas of content for a partnering skills development programme. These are:

  • Tools and techniques to get closer to the partner or client
  • Analytical frames to understand their business situation and needs
  • Skills development in how to operate face-to-face in business partner rather than expert mode.
  • Managing the progression around the different phases of the Business Partnering Cycle
  • Developing effective ongoing relationships
  • Gathering important information at the outset of a discussion that will enable the partner to question and challenge other’s perspective where necessary
  • Using diagnosis techniques and skills to identify, develop understanding of and clarify problems and needs
  • Influence others if necessary, through expanding their perception of their problems and needs
  • Work in partnership to create practical and appropriate solutions
  • Generate ownership and commitment to quality solutions
  • Identify additional areas of work that are needed for the solution to be successful.

Contact us to talk through your current challenges in this area and how we might be able to help develop your people’s capability.