People Management

Growing the capability and confidence of your people managers so they are able to maximise their own and others’ potential in helping the business achieve its vision.

The Challenge

  • How do you ensure that your people know what’s expected of them and how they’re doing in relation to those expectations?
  • To what extent do your people managers listen to and involve others in decision making processes?
  • Are your people motivated to give their very best to realise their own and the organisation’s aspirations?
  • Is everyone playing their part? How do you know?

How We Can Help

We can work with you to build the confidence and competence of the people in your organisation who are required to manage the performance of others. We help them to recognise the challenges whilst, at the same time, build confidence in their ability to create an environment which allows people to realise their potential.

We will consult with you to establish your specific needs and develop an intervention which addresses these needs.

Managing people is an area that many people, from Team Leaders through to Senior Executives, have a stake and we can work with you to develop the people management talent at all levels in your business.

Our extensive experience of developing performance management interventions ranges from a ‘light touch’ of one or two workshops to address specific needs, through to a whole suite of programmes starting with the basic foundations then moving on to more advanced people management interventions.

Typical People Management Programmes

There is no ‘typical’ people management programme and we will work closely with you to establish your specific requirements. However, typical areas of content that could be covered include:

  • Objective setting
  • Giving feedback
  • Motivation
  • Performance Conversations
  • Developing and building relationships
  • Review Conversations
  • Delegation
  • Management Styles
  • Team Development
  • Coaching
  • Having Difficult Conversations

If you are interested in finding out more about how we can help or would like to take the opportunity to review your existing offering around people management initiatives, please get in touch.