What We Do

Personal & Interpersonal Skills

If you want to develop your people, Learning Curve provides personal and interpersonal skills development for people at all organisational levels.
Our aim is to:

  • Develop people’s self confidence and skill
  • Raise levels of self awareness
  • Provide simple tools and techniques that can be deployed back at work

Examples of typical Learning Curve personal and interpersonal skills courses include:

  • Communication Skills
  • Influence and Persuasion
  • Presentation Skills
  • Team Working
  •  Meeting Skills
  • Handling Conflict
  • Time and Self Management
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Change Management
  • Mentoring Skills
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Management Masterclass

This is not an exhaustive list as Learning Curve frequently develops tailored, bespoke programmes for its clients which may include a number of the areas above.

Please contact us if you would like an overview of the typical content and format for any of the above areas.

Team Development

There may be times when you find your team isn’t achieving its full potential. Typical Learning Curve team events focus on:

  • Helping newly established teams to work effectively together
  • Resolving team conflict
  • Embedding changes in team roles
  • Facilitating organisational change
  • Empowering teams to change the way they work

Learning Curve will help you to diagnose the underlying issues and work with you to design an event that will help your team maximise its resources.

Team members will be involved and engaged throughout the consultation process to ensure that you have buy-in to the team development process.

Trainer Development

Learning Curve is often asked to design and deliver training for on-going delivery by in-house trainers. We develop trainers’ skills and confidence through:

  • Train the Trainer Events
  • Co-delivery
  • Feedback and Coaching


Learning Curve facilitates events for senior teams and cross functional / organisational project teams.

We will help you to define your outcomes for the event and a Learning Curve facilitator will manage the process to achieve your outcomes.

This allows you to focus your energy on resolving your issues and achieving your business objectives.


Often, as part of a development programme, Learning Curve will provide individual and small group coaching, including the management of Action Learning Sets.

These coaching sessions enable participants to embed the learning from a programme and develop strategies for handling a range of business and interpersonal issues.