What Else Do We Do?

Personal & Interpersonal Skills

If you want to develop your people, Learning Curve provides personal and interpersonal skills development for people at all organisational levels. This includes development around Presentation Skills, Communication Skills, Meetings Management, etc.

Presentation Skills

Learning Curve delivers a range of courses to help people, at different levels, enhance their presentation skills.

Team Development

There may be times when you find your team isn’t achieving its full potential. Typical Learning Curve team events focus on…

Trainer Development

Learning Curve is often asked to design and deliver training for on-going delivery by in-house trainers.


Learning Curve facilitates events for senior teams and cross functional / organisational project teams.


Often, as part of a development programme, Learning Curve will provide individual and small group coaching, including the management of Action Learning Sets.

Motivational Speaking

  • There are many climbers who give interesting, entertaining and motivational talks about mountaineering
  • There are many management development consultants who can facilitate a good learning event
  • There are few people who can do both