Growing Talent

Retaining, engaging and developing the potential of your talent and future leaders.

The Challenge

  • How important is it for your organisation to have competent, experienced people ready to move into more senior positions?
  • How often do you have to recruit externally because you have no-one internally ready to step into a more senior role?
  • How well do you manage succession planning at all levels in the organisation?

Attracting, recruiting and identifying individuals with potential is the first step, but on its own it isn’t enough. To maximise their contribution and engagement you also need to manage and develop them as part of a planned talent strategy.

How We Can Help

We can work with you to design and manage talent programmes enabling you to grow the capability of individuals with potential. This will ensure that they have the tools, competencies, experience and confidence to deliver outstanding performance now and transition into more senior roles in the future. Our involvement can be as straightforward as providing a series of development events to support the programme or we can work with you to define your requirements and then design, launch, deliver and evaluate the programme with you.

Growing Talent isn’t necessarily limited to ensuring there is a pipeline for the senior leadership team. We can work with you to develop talent at all levels in the business, such as:

  • Apprenticeship Programmes for school leavers
  • Graduate Programmes
  • Functional Talent Programmes
  • Leadership Programmes

A Typical Talent Programme

Whilst we wouldn’t advocate an off-the-shelf programme, there are a number of factors that we recognise contribute to a successful talent programme, delivering tangible benefits for both the organisation and the participants. These include:

  • A clearly defined set of desired competencies required of future managers or leaders
  • A launch event to define the expectations of all involved, establish sponsorship and support mechanisms and identify individual development objectives
  • A modular development approach with an appropriate mix of technical, business and interpersonal skills development opportunities
  • A blend of formal, informal and self-managed learning activities
  • Incremental learning where later modules build on previously acquired skills and knowledge becoming more challenging as the programme progresses
  • Planned learning activities between formal elements of the programme to enable participants to embed the learning within their work context
  • Mentoring support to provide guidance, support and challenge
  • Networking opportunities, including the opportunity to meet senior people in the organisation or externally.

If you are considering establishing a Talent Programme within your own organisation or would like to take the opportunity to review and refresh your existing programme, please get in touch to find out how we can help.